Sheridan Archbold - Illinois, USA

Sheridan Archbold

Few boys of Sheridan’s age can claim to have won multiple singing awards or received a standing ovation on ‘America’s Got Talent’, but then very few boys have Sheridan’s classical soprano voice and a work ethic to match!

It is our great pleasure to premiere Sheridan’s recording of ‘O Holy Night’ on the album. A well known Christmas song, but never before heard quite like this!

I had the honour of recording a duet with this extremely talented young man. Sheridan is mature and intelligent beyond his years and he has a commendable work ethic. He has to work harder than most being dyslexic, but this has not stopped him learning a plethora of pieces in various languages!

Unlike many celebrities, Sheridan is fantastic role-model for younger boys. He is hard working, enthusiastic and not afraid to pursue the art that is important to him. Watch Sheridan in action here:



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