Sapphire - England, UK


Sapphire is a young performer with an incredible voice and natural talent for expressive song. Despite a huge international fanbase and several million views on her Youtube channel, Sapphire is as loyal to her fans as they are to her.

She is loved all over the world, not only for her amazing vocal skills, but also for the appreciation she gives to her fans. 

When Griffin Tucker and his family came to the UK, I went to meet them (not surprisingly!) and, while I was doing so, I had the privelege of meeting Sapphire and her family too. It was quite a lifechanging experience, to be honest. To see that people could be so talented and successful and yet thoroughly grounded and overflowing with kindness and enthusiasm. Some people really are as wonderful as they appear to be! 

It is a great honour to have Sapphire on the album.

Check out her cover of 'Let it Go' from Frozen (and look how many views it has!)


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