Keanrah - Germany


Keanu Rapp (aka Keanrah) is a German singer of the highest quality.

He is famed for his sincere and passionate style over a variety of popular genres. All of Keanrah’s tracks and music videos are produced by skilled DJ, Vichy Ratey, who has generously submitted one of his own songs “How Happy You Make Me” for the album.

The first time I heard Keanrah sing, I knew he was a natural performer. When I heard his cover of 'Because of You' by Kelly Clarkson and saw the music video of him singing pensively into camera, I had the rare experience of becoming completely immersed in the music. All his tracks are beautifully produced by Vichy and the HD music videos are superbly put together.

Many of the lyrics have an inspirational messages such as 'Heal':

"You can make a difference, you can heal a life

If you open your heart, if you dare to try"

Here is Keanrah's wonderful music video for 'How Happy You Make Me', written and produced by Vichy Ratey. 

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