JoJo Rock - Australia

JoJo Rock

Australia’s JoJo is one inspirational little guy! He started rapping to sponsor a child through the charity Compassion when he was just 7 years old. Now he dedicates much of his time to encouraging others to make a difference.

It must be acknowledged that JoJo was one of the major inspirations for the 'International Christmas Child' album. (Hear JoJo send out his inspiring message when he was only 8 years old)

JoJo has a wonderful music video of his version of Amazing Grace (the first track on our album) featuring Ozzy, who was sponsored by Compasion himself twenty years ago.

Ozzy from The Sowers Group sings on this track with me. This is our African/Hip Hop version of the classic song Amazing Grace.

Ozzy grew up in The Congo Africa. His father died when he was a child his mother was left uneducated with 8 children and little hope of earning an income.

Ozzy was then sponsored through Compassion. He shared his sponsorship with his brother Mike and friend Kosto who are also members of The Sowers Group. They shared the uniform, separated books into individual papers and took turns going to school.

We recorded this song to let the world know that Compassion child sponsorship really works.

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