Esteban & Diego - France

Esteban  Diego

Esteban and Diego are musical cousins from France but with roots in Rumba and Flamenco music.

This award-winning duo have performed in many prestigious venues throughout the country and continue to wow audiences with their talent and energy. They are signed by ‘Hope Records’.

No doubt, you will find their original song ‘Cuando Bailas’ somewhat unique and different from most of the other tracks on International Christmas Child. This is why I am DELIGHTED to have them included! Their upbeat, catchy remix may be quite unlike anything you have heard before - it is their own unique style and I say vive la difference!

The first time I heard the boys’ track I was hooked and could not stop singing their song for the rest of the day! The Spanish lyrics make it sound even more cool to an English speaker and the Flamenco-style guitar solo is sure to get you dancing!

However, what I love most about Esteban and Diego is their camaraderie and their natural connection when performing. These two cousins clearly care for each other very much and know how to have fun together. Family, has been an important part of this project, being instigated by two brothers and further contributions made by another brother and our cousin. When families can work together the sky’s the limit!

Don’t take my word for it: watch these two young superstars in action here in their official music video:  

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