Erin Bolland - Scotland, UK

Erin Bolland

Erin has an unforgettable voice with incredible power and control for her age. She is a rising star in her home town of Paisley, Scotland, and is gathering enthusiastic supporters from around the world.

Though I am sure you will agree that her recording for the album is exquisite, you have not really heard Erin sing until you have heard her live! Her voice has such power and presence, folk can hardly believe it is coming from an 11-year-old!

Her YouTube channel has stacked over 26,000 views and Erin has many loyal supporters from around the world. None of this has gone to Erin’s head, however, and she has many interests beside singing. Her mother, Elaine, says:

“She’s having fun with it. She’s loving it! But she’s still only 11 and she still wants to go out and play as well. Being 11, she’s got to have a balance.”

Erin would love to take her singing further but she also has a mature attitude towards her music which is very impressive for a girl of her age: she realises that her hard work and perseverance are just as important as her considerable raw talent, and that is why I know that Erin is going to go far! Furthermore, she has a very humble attitude which, in my opinion, is essential for a long and fruitful career: Erin is, as we say in Scotland, ‘a bonny wee lass!’

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