Clément Bousquet France

Clement Bousquet

We are delighted to have a stunning, original track from Clément Bousquet: "Etoile de Noël" (Star of Christmas).

Clément has a gentle, emotive voice and accompanies himself on piano. His expressive keyboard technique and sweet vocal harmonies are make his songs uniquely mesmerising. I am sure you will agree that he is a truly talented young man with a bright future ahead.

Clément has just turned thirteen-years-old and already has a loyal following for his music. His father, Pascal, produces his music and wrote the beautiful lyrics for "Etoile de Noël". We feel very privileged to have such a wonderfully appropriate song written specially for this album.

I also love the way that Clément’s vocal tone combines with the smooth beauty of the French language to create a uniquely romantic effect. France should be very proud to call him her own! Here is his latest music video in which Clément sings in English but with a good dose of French romanticism!

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