Cameron Molloy - Canada

Cameron Molloy

Cameron Molloy is a rising star in the music world. His achievements include being selected as one of the Top 9 out of 7000 kids who auditioned for YTV's "The Next Star".

It is great to have a representative from Canada and one so talented as Cameron.

He writes and performs his own songs and we are delighted to have one of these original masterpieces on the album. 'Spread Wings and Fly' is a very special song which Cameron wrote for his grandfathers. I have rarely been so moved as when I first heard this song which is performed so beautifully and emotively. The lyrics remind me very much of my own grandfather who I lost last year. Here is a description of the song in Cameron's own words:

"Spread Your Wings and Fly was written by me at a very difficult time in my life. Both of my Grandfathers had passed away because of Cancer. This song was my way of dealing with that loss and telling both of my Grandfathers that they'll always be with me, I will remember them for everything they did for me and that it is OK for them to be at peace.

I've sung this song at Cancer Fundraising events and family gatherings. A live video of this song was recently dedicated to the surviving parents of children who had cancer. For some it inspires great memories, for other it helps them move on."

Check out this recent performance by Cameron:



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