About the album

'International Christmas Child' is a Christmas charity album featuring young singers from over 10 countries around the world.

Matthew and Nathan Todd

Matthew and Nathan Todd, brothers from Glasgow, Scotland, have enlisted the independent child artists for the 14-track album they are producing through their social enterprise company, Lux Ventus.

We aim to raise more than £2,500 in the run up to Christmas for the children's charity 'Operation Christmas Child', and, importantly, supporting and promoting the young artists involved. (More details: Finance - what goes where)

Thirteen artists have contributed to the album from Brazil, France, Norway, Texas, Illinois, Canada, Australia, Romania, Germany, England and Scotland.

Though the majority of the artists sing in English, it also features Portuguese, French, Spanish and Romanian.

It will also feature The New Scottish Youth Choir, which has a ten-year-old singer.

Operation Christmas Child started its work in the early 1990s and distributes shoeboxes to children in over 100 countries.

The Story of Operation Christmas Child